Jackie Chan & Yao Xingtong: Chinese Zodiac film premiere in Hollywood, LA

Chinese Zodiac premiered in North America at the AMC Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday 16 October 2013. Jackie was accompanied by Yao Xingtong and Laura Weissbecker. Rob Steinberg, Tzi Ma and Kaitlin Dechele were also present at the premiere. I’m glad to be asked for photographing the whole process of the red carpet, plus Yao Xingtong’s interview and her promotional shoot during the morning.   

Promotional Photography: Toronto Recording Artist

A local recording artist emailed me one day and asked me to take photos of him and his crew for promotional materials. He gave me some sample photos and told me he found an abandoned building to do the shoot. The location interested me so I quickly accepted. It was an interesting shoot. We had to climb a fence to get into the building, and the walls were covered with graffiti, which definitely fit the “Urban” theme. I would love to go back there again to do another shoot in the future. More promotional photography work can be seen at my …

Catalogue Photography: Hammill

Hammill Workwear is Unisync’s professional workwear and servicewear brand. I did a photo shoot for their catalogue, designed by Edgar Mendoza, at Walden. Apart from the standard catalogue photography shots for each individual product, they also wanted some lifestyle photography to showcase their workwear. How FUN! It’s always great to take photos outdoors and experience different lighting conditions. More corporate photography work can be seen on this page or more work on my site.

Actor Headshots: Dan Aykroyd – Crystal Head Vodka

These actor headshots were taken for the Crystal Head Vodka company at the Walden studio in downtown Toronto. Dan Akyroyd is one of the co-founders of the company. First, there was a video shoot with Mr. Akryoyd in order to promote the business, and then the headshots were taken afterwards. We spent most of the time working on the video, and by the time that was finished there was only fifteen minutes left for the photo shoot. It was helpful that Mr. Akryoyd is an experienced actor, because I was able to get a good headshot in no time at …

Food Photography – Aroma Espresso Bar

These food photography shots were taken at the Walden photography studio in downtown Toronto. It took 6 hours just to finish 3 photos. It can take a lot of time to make everything perfect when it comes to food photography. To see more of my food photography work, please visit here or go to my website. P.S. Thank you Edgar, our creative director at Walden, to do the food styling and retouching.  

Business Headshot for a Toronto real estate agent

This business portrait was taken at the Walden photography studio in downtown Toronto, Ontario. As the primary photographer at Walden, I have managed a great deal of business and commercial photography work ranging from product and food photography, catalogue photography, and business headshot, to photo retouching and photo restoration. In the studio, there are many different backdrop colours to choose from including standard white, black and grey, as well as blue, red, yellow and more. This has given me the option and flexibility to be more creative. You can click here to check out more of my work.

Fashion photo shoot coming up for a Toronto artist

I was scheduled to have a fashion photo shoot for a Toronto artist on this coming Sunday. The theme and idea would be like the following picture but the styling would be towards more like an urban chic style. We will be going to an abandoned building (an old linseed oil factory) in Toronto. The location would be perfect for this theme. There will be five models. The stylist will bring three different looks for each of them. If the photos go well, I would love to submit these photos to some photography magazines. I’m excited for the shoot now. …